64 teams, relegation and a 'Star League': New European Super League format announced after EU ruling

A22 unveil new proposal for breakaway competition
Marc Mayo3 hours ago

The company behind the European Super League has announced a new format to the competition following a ruling that banned UEFA and FIFA from blocking it.

The European Union's top court declared the governing bodies' decision illegal on Thursday.

Clubs still invested in the project, namely Real Madrid and Barcelona, welcomed the verdict although UEFA claimed they had already instilled new rules to prevent teams from joining the breakaway.

Following the announcement, A22 Sports Management presented a fresh vision for the Super League.

A 64-team tournament split into three leagues has been unveiled, following its initial iteration featuring a 20-team competition of which only five places would be open for qualification.

It is claimed the competition would initially be open to all teams based on their domestic performance, with promotion and relegation between the leagues. New teams would then enter via promotion into the lowest tier.

A top-tier 'Star League' and second-tier 'Gold League' would both hold 16 teams ahead of a 32-team 'Blue League'. A group stage of 14 games, seven home and seven away, would produce an eight-team knockout tournament for each league, and eventual trio of winners.

Much like the Champions League, matches would be played in midweek and there would be financial sustainability rules in place.

A22 CEO Bernd Reichart claimed that the league would be paid for by a "fan-centric streaming platform" - which would also be free - and as-yet unnamed "investors". He also failed to name any clubs that have formally signed up for their Super League.

A 32-team women's Super League split into a 'Star League' and 'Gold League' has also been announced.