Whatever you are saving for, Coventry Building Society has the right account for you

Whether you want a healthy interest rate, a first account for your kids, or you're saving up for a special event, there's a product to suit
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Whatever the reason for putting money away, you can rest assured that Coventry Building Society will be with you every step of the way.

From encouraging children to save their pocket money to helping retirees make the most of their money in later life, it supports people of all ages.

It doesn’t matter if you’re locking away significant sums or wanting to regularly save small amounts, Coventry will have a solution.

And that’s not all. The building society prides itself on having UK-based call centres and very low waiting times to ensure queries are answered quickly.

A history of top-quality service

Why spend hours on the phone to get your enquiries answered?
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When you consider that Coventry Building Society has been providing savings products for 139 years, it’s easy to understand why experience is the foundation of its success.

Would-be customers can also relax in the knowledge they’re getting access to attractive products and top-drawer customer service.

Its accolades include receiving gold ribbons for Savings and Mortgages from Fairer Finance since 2015 and being named ‘Best Building Society 2023’ by Savings Champion.

Such recognition is one of the reasons it’s trusted by more than two million customers wanting outstanding savings products and cost-effective residential or buy to let mortgages.

A range of products to compare and contrast

See how each product compares with the rest of the market
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In fact, Coventry is so confident in its extensive product range that it offers would-be savers a tool to compare their products with industry rivals.

It also understands savings needs vary depending on where people are in life and their priorities. That’s why it has developed such a variety of solutions.

For example, its Young Saver account is specifically designed for children aged seven to 17 years old and helps teach them to manage money effectively.

As people get older, they may need the greater flexibility afforded by Easy Access products that enable them to dip into the savings pot when required.

Earn up to 5.5% AER*/Gross p.a. (Variable) with Coventry Building Society

The Regular Saver account offers you outstanding returns

  • If you are a UK resident aged 16 or over, you can apply for a Regular Saver account and watch your money grow at a rate of 5.5% AER/Gross p.a. (Variable) for the next year. The account lasts for 12 months and you can pay in up to £500 every month. Interest is calculated daily then paid annually, on the anniversary of the date you opened the account. Get access to your money with a charge equal to 30 calendar days interest on the amount withdrawn.
  • As an example of how much this account could earn if you continued to pay the maximum contributions into it, if you were to pay in £500 on 1 December and then on the first of every month for 12 months, your £6,000 investment would be worth £6,178.79 by the end of the year.
  • At the end of that period, you will have the option to withdraw your money, or if you don’t touch it, it will transfer to Coventry Building Society’s Easy Access Saver account

Longer-term savings accounts with higher interest

There are benefits if you don't need to access your money for a while
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Then there are accounts aimed at those who are willing – and able – to put money away for longer periods in exchange for higher rates of interest.

Coventry also has Cash Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) available for both juniors and adults to save without paying a penny in tax.

Its products offer attractive rates whatever you can afford to save, up to the annual tax year limits, which are currently £20,000 for adults and £9,000 for children.

Unsure of the best option? Coventry’s specialist teams are available 11 hours a day (8am to 7pm) Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays. Give them a ring on 0800 121 8899.

Saving towards something special

Daniel French and his partner Kerry are saving for a dream wedding
Daniel French

Daniel French is using his Coventry Building Society savings account to put away money each month for a dream wedding abroad.

The 44-year-old operations manager has been putting money aside ever since his parents opened an account for him when he was a child.

And now he is focused on building a savings pot with his partner Kerry, 41, that will enable them to tie the knot in a truly unforgettable way.

The couple, from Stroud, Gloucestershire, are yet to decide on a destination for their planned 2025 nuptials but favour somewhere hot and sunny.

While they have been tucking away £200 a month, they are hoping to double this amount over the coming year as their 2025 destination wedding draws closer.

Daniel, who managed to buy his first car from out of his savings, has long recognised the benefits of putting money away for the future – even if life sometimes gets in the way.

“We’ve been trying to save but have been hit by annoying problems such as needing to replace the guttering, the fridge freezer and even the car’s radiator,” he explained.

And they have chosen Coventry to help turn their dreams into reality. “They actually have branches that aren’t closing down and you can get hold of them,” he explained.

To discover more about how Coventry Building Society can help you find the right account for your needs, go to coventrybuildingsociety.co.uk