The Ultimate Capricorn Gift Guide: Ideas that they will love

Presents for those born between December 22 and January 19

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Saskia Kemsley2 minutes ago

The animal associated with Capricorns is a rather obscure one. Considered and kind, those belonging to the 10th house of the zodiac are represented by what is referred to as the sea goat.

Reflective of the Capricorn’s dual personality, this twinned nature is not to be confused with that of the Gemini. Rather, this symbolic depiction illustrates how Capricorns can rule both the land and sea – in other words, they can master the realm of human emotions as well as earthly matters such as careers, finances, authority and general achievements.

Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorns are fearless, tenacious, hard-working and unafraid to tap into their wild side from time to time. Their ability to lead is unmatched, and they often have a particular skill for public speaking. It makes sense, then, that the sign is ruled by Saturn – one of the giants of the solar system.

Having a Zodiac sign ruled by Saturn makes one a master of personal responsibility. While this indeed includes professional motivations, it also includes an all-round emotional maturity which enables our Capricorns to have an unmatched sense of perspective.

This natural, inner compass which allows them to discern what is and isn’t important can sometimes make Capricorns appear cold and stand-offish. If you know them well, you’ll understand that this isn’t something to be offended by, they simply have things to do, and people to see.

Don’t believe us? Let us re-introduce you to one of the best-known Capricorns. Michelle Obama was born on January 17, and is perhaps the perfect figurehead to represent the Capricorn personality. Strong-willed, reliable, witty, ambitious and with a view towards the greater good, it’s no wonder Capricorns are typically drawn to roles at the top end of the career ladder.

Without further ado, we’ve curated the ultimate gift guide to help you buy for that unique, resilient Capricorn in your life. Shop our top picks below.

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Evergreen Foiled 2024 Diary


Realised in a gorgeous evergreen floral design with calming, deep hues, this 2024 diary from Papier will keep your favourite Capricorn on track in the new year – not that they need any real help.

Buy now£30, Papier

Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100


The Lumie Bodyclock sunrise alarm is the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves to maintain a healthy daily routine. Designed to gently wake you up with 30 minutes of gradually brightening natural light, the Lumie also offers a sunset option to help you wind down after a busy day.

Buy now£87.99, Amazon

Quilted Nylon Tote Bag


One thing about Capricorns is that they’re always on the move. From the office, to the gym, to a night out on the town – the Capricorn in your life will likely need a vessel for their respective outfits. The Adanola nylon tote bag is a value-for-money fan favourite which will keep their daily belonging safe and secure.

Buy now£27.99, Adanola

Liberty Capricorn Silk Twill Scarf


Don’t worry, this is the only on-the-nose zodiac option we’ll include in this round-up. A brilliant accessory for the hardworking, professional Capricorn – this beautiful silk scarf will instantly elevate any outfit while reminding them of their strong-willed, tenacious personality.

Buy now£95, Liberty

Temple Spring Bath Tray


After a long old day, nothing quite beats a piping hot bubble bath. This attractive, extendable bath tray will allow you to enjoy all your favourite treats and pastimes while taking a relaxing, healing soak in the tub. Each purchase includes a matching soap dish, a 100 per cent bamboo facecloth and a set of exfoliating gloves for a spa-like experience.

Buy now£39.99, Amazon

Bright Rainbow Taper Candles Set of 12


The host in your life should never be short on tapered candles for the dinner table. This set of gorgeous pastel-hued candles from Fairholme Studio should keep them going for the next few mood-lit dinners and cocktail parties.

Buy now£50, Liberty

Diptyque Baies Noir scented candle


Since they can often bite off a little bit more than they can chew, the swirling, luxurious scents of rose and blackcurrant leaf will help to keep a Capricorn grounded – making this Baies Noir Diptyque candle a brilliant gift.

Buy now£77, Selfridges

Our Place Ultimate Hosting Set

Our Place

Famous first and foremost for its incredible set of cookware, Our Place has branched out of the kitchen and into the dining room with a chic tableware collection. The Ultimate Hosting set is primed for fabulous dinner parties with 14 pieces to furnish four diners. The bundle includes linen napkins and glassware, alongside minimal ceramic stoneware.

Buy now£205, Our Place

Hey Harper Copenhagen Bracelet

Hey Harper

Chunky, Tiffany’s-inspired chain bracelets elevate even the most quotidian of outfits with ease. This inexpensive option has been crafted with stainless steel and a waterproof 14ct golden PVD coating which comes with a lifetime colour warranty.

Buy now£49, Hey Harper

Parker 51 Ballpoint Pen Forest Green with Gold Trim


The model originally used by poet Dylan Thomas, the iconic Parker 51 is a fantastic mid-range contemporary option for wordsmiths looking to elevate their writing game. Available with a ballpoint or fountain pen tip, we’re partial to the perennially stylish forest green and gold trim design.

Buy now£90, Cult Pens

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler


The not-so-hidden secret of healthy skin and achieving a general all-over glow is pure and simple: hydration. The appeal of the 1.2 litre Stanley Quencher has become unbelievably widespread, reaching it-girls and hydration obsessives in all corners of the United Kingdom and the rest of the globe. Purchase this ludicrously capacious water tumbler for your teen this Christmas and thank us later.

Buy now£47.75, Amazon

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus


When a highly intelligent chemist is offered the starring role in the USA’s favourite cooking show, Supper at Six, she takes it upon herself to offer the average American woman a tad more than some simple instructions on how to perfectly roast a chicken. Set in the 1960s, Elizabeth Zott dares to challenge patriarchal society through her experience as a scientist, as well as her natural-born charisma, humour and sheer intellect.

Buy now£5, Amazon

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask


Whether it’s the harsh winter, stuffy heating or blaring sun, our lips never seem to catch a break. Stop parched pouts in their tracks with Laneige and its hero lip mask, designed to work overnight but can really be applied any time that you notice your lips are dry, flaky or cracking.

It is hugely hydrating but also gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells. The formula is made up of antioxidants including vitamin C and it comes in an array of fragrances including sweet candy, berry, lemon sorbet, chocolate, grapefruit and vanilla. LANEIGE is a Korean label credited as an authority on water-based hydration heroes - this product is a case in point.

Buy now£19, BeautyBay

John Lewis Faux Fur Throw, Tourmaline

John Lewis

Faux fur throw blankets simply never go out of style. A means to instantly transform any living space into a wintery alpine setting, simply pop one of those hour-long realistic fireplace videos onto the smart TV, pour yourself a glass of red wine and settle in for the evening with a good book and this beautiful tourmaline-toned blanket.

Buy now£132, John Lewis

Viavito Travel Yoga Mat


Designed to fit in even the smallest of tote bags, this grippy non-stick yoga mat has been fabricated from a durable and waterproof PVC which is nevertheless free from phthalates and horrible chemical odours. Thanks to the handy slightly perforated design, this yoga mat folds easily from a 61 x 173cm mat into a 31 x 25cm rectangle for the utmost portability.

Buy now£12.99, Amazon